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Survey of State Wildlife Rehabilitation Regulations - 2004

This survey and study provides a current analysis of the state regulations that governed wildlife rehabilitation in the United States during 2004. It provides a view of the trends in changes to the same regulations over a 10 year period, when compared to the results of prior studies conducted in 1994 and 1999. The results of this and the prior studies have proven very useful for wildlife rehabilitators and wildlife agencies engaged in contemplating changes or revisions to existing regulations.

The results suggest that state wildlife rehabilitation regulations are maturing to the extent they are changing less frequently and less substantively. Additionally, likely due to funding pressures facing wildlife agencies, the more recently implemented regulations favor less complex permitting systems that are less time consuming to administer.

Click here to download the 2004 study. (This study is previously published as: Casey A.M., and Casey S. J. 2005 State Wildlife Rehabilitation Regulations Study - 1994-2004, Pp. 175-185 in Wildlife Rehabilitation, volume 23 (E. Miller and D. Nickerson, eds.) National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association: St. Cloud, MN.


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