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WildAgain Wildlife Rehabilitation

Evergreen, Colorado

WildAgain supports wildlife and the wildlife rehabilitation community through research, publications, training, working with government agencies, and consulting services. WildAgain works closely with individual rehabilitators, rehabilitation facilities and associations, veterinarians, government agencies, and others on a variety of projects throughout North America. A sample of current projects includes: recruiting and developing new rehabilitators, strategies to reduce the wildlife rehabilitation workload, stress management for rehabilitators, homeopathic first aid and acute care for wildlife, government policies that impact wildlife rehabilitation, mammal rehabilitation practices, factors impacting excellence in rehabilitation, and recovery of at-risk species.

Located in Evergreen, Colorado, WildAgain advises on ways to prevent or humanely resolve human-wildlife conflicts as well as rehabilitates small wild native mammals from the local area for release back to the wild. Permitted wildlife rehabilitators since 1986, Shirley and Allan Casey established WildAgain as a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization in 1993.

Our Mission

We focus on five primary services related to wildlife rehabilitation.

1. Provide wildlife rehabilitation services for the local community, including information on wildlife to the public, temporary care of wildlife in need, and release.

2. Conduct seminars and other educational activities related to wildlife rehabilitation and preservation.

3. Maintain an active apprenticeship program.

4. Encourage responsible care, rehabilitation, and release of injured, orphaned, and distressed wildlife.

5. Conduct research and share information to help advance the state-of-the-art of wildlife rehabilitation.

Meet the Founders - Shirley and Allan Casey

Click here for a brief bio describing the Casey's background and experience in wildlife rehabilitation.


WildAgain maintains an active program of recruiting, sponsoring and training new rehabilitators. Explore the Colorado recruiting materials in this website to see if wildlife rehabilitation is right for you.

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