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Posters on Homeopathy Basics


WildAgain Wildlife Rehabilitation has been been conducting seminars on homeopathic acute care for wildlife with a team of homeopathic veterinarians since 1998. These seminars have provided an orientation to classic homeopathic principles, such as 'like cures like', consideration of the whole patient, and the minimum dose. Basic homeopathic processes have been described, such as case-taking, repertorizing, use of the homeopathic materia medica, and administration of homeopathic medicines.

New Tools!

A series of three quick reference posters on homeopathic considerations for wildlife with acute conditions are now available for anyone who has previously attended one of WildAgain's Homeopathy for Wildlife Seminars. These colorful, large format 11"x17" posters are designed to go on the wall as an easy reminder of homeopathy basics. Rehabilitators who have already used the posters also found them helpful when discussing homeopathic treatment with volunteers and other rehabilitators.

The quick reference posters are available in portable document format (pdf) for quick email and easy download (open, read and print with Acrobat Reader). They can then be emailed to local printers for printing. The pd
f posters should be printed on 11"x17" paper. Heavier laser paper will make more sturdy posters (e.g., 80# heavy card stock weight). The rehabilitator sending the pdf to the printer is responsible for the cost of printing the posters, which seems to average $3-5 per page at printers around the US. A copyright release authorizing copying for personal use only is located on each poster.

These quick reference posters are available free from WildAgain to those people who have previously attended our 1, 2, or 3-day seminars on homeopathic acute care for wildlife. Because the use of homeopathy with wildlife requires special training, WildAgain will not provide these posters to the general public or to rehabilitators who have not attended WildAgain's Homeopathy for Wildlife Seminars. (Those rehabilitators who have only attended one hour sessions describing homeopathy with wildlife cases do not qualify for being emailed these posters.)

To obtain a copy, email   WLrehabproject@aol.com. Provide your name, complete mailing address, phone number, and email address. You must also indicate the date(s) and location where you attended the Homeopathy for Wildlife Seminar, and hosting group (e.g., WildAgain, NWRA, IWRC, state rehabilitation association). When your request has been confirmed with the list of seminar participants, the posters will be emailed to the address you provide.

A short article on "Homeopathic First Aid Tips for Wildlife" is now available on this website. Some rehabilitators who have attended the WildAgain seminars have found it to be a helpful 'refresher', while others have found it provides a concise orientation for those becoming curious about homeopathy with wildlife. Other articles on homeopathy with wildlife, including finding a holistic veterinarian, are also available on this site.

WildAgain continues to seek examples of cases of the use of homeopathy with wildlife. If you would like to provide examples of such cases, email WLrehabproject@aol.com. To be most helpful, the cases should include the following information:

- species name
- reason for admit to rehabilitation
- a brief description of general rehabilitation and veterinary care
- symptoms of concern
- rubrics (including repertory used)
- homeopathic medicines and potency considered
- reasons the homeopathic medicine was selected (including materia medica used)
- results (of treatment, final disposition, etc.), and
- dates and times related to the case (admission, procedures and treatment, medicines       
- as well as the rehabilitator's name and contact information (email, address, phone).
The person providing the case will be contacted prior to our referencing cases, and/or if there are any questions.

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