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colorado rehabilitation
Learn about becoming a wildlife rehabilitator in Colorado.
rehab record study
A review of  400 rehabber reports over 5 years covering 50,000 animals, providing hard data, statistics and trends of rehab activity and results.
about us

Allan and Shirley Casey, licensed wildlife rehabilitators since 1986, established WildAgain Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. in 1993. The Caseys conduct research, conduct training, and publish on a variety of rehabilitation related topics. They collaborate with rehabilitators, veterinarians, agencies, and others around North America to compile information for people working with wildlife in rehabilitation.


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wildlife emergencies

Information on how to handle a wildlife emergency. Some situations do not need a rescue.



Special feature: plan for the small wire cage mentioned at the NWRA Symposium in Albany, NY in 2011 and a 4-part video on the construction and assembly process.


WildAgain's Squirrel Rehabilitation Handbook

first time visitors
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Explore the growing interest and success of using classical homeopathy with wildlife first aid and acute trauma.

caging in wildlife rehabilitation

Brief review of rehab caging considerations, including video overviews and  demonstration of building a small cage.


when the public calls vet clinics about wildlife

Tips for vet clinics, including differences between wildlife and pets, reducing stress, and knowing if rescue is needed. Reprinted from a vet journal. Copy for your local vets.

state wildlife rehab regs

A collection of articles about wildlife rehabilitation regulations, trends, and practices. Suggestions for working effectively with wildlife agencies. Resources for rehabilitators and wildlife agencies.

expanding the rehab team

A comprehensive approach to recruiting, sponsoring and training new apprentices and rehabilitators. This section is for wildlife rehabilitators wanting to expand the rehab team in their area.

501(c)(3) issues

How to handle donations.  Let us demystify the application process and help you get started. Issues related to nonprofit management are also discussed.

rehab articles

This section of the website includes a variety of articles, papers and conference proceedings addressing current topics facing rehabilitators.









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